What you want to be eventually, that you must be everyday; and by and by the quality of your deeds will get down into your soul.

–Frank Crane

Surviving on Cheerios, sandwich crusts and sticky hugs, amomnextdoor still manages to be an overweight, over-forty, overeducated, ultra-feminist, intrepid, outspoken and often inappropriate suburban misfit. She has yet to fully understand why most people prefer not to discuss digestive processes at dinner. After all, staying home to raise young children means that monitoring digestive processes from beginning to end occupies a fair amount of her time and almost none of her intellect. So she’s turned to blogging, where she can write and think about anything she wants as if she actually knows something about it. In the case of writing for children, preschool and elementary school education, Pakistani-American mixed-race families, the first generation immigrant experience, the San Francisco Giants or the Princeton Tigers, she’s actually got the credentials to prove it. Predictably, she ends up writing about childhood and parenthood, living with kids, trying to stay married, and occasionally, travel, books, healing from the past, and all the things that make life more difficult and interesting.

To get an idea of the central dilemmas of this irregular blog, check out the following pages:

Some of readers’ favorite posts include:

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