Two and the Double Negative

At Two, my daughter is queen and conqueror of the word “No,” but its repetition gets old pretty fast, even for her. At snack time yesterday:

Two: Me cack koos?

Me: You want some crackers?

Two: No cack koos.

Me: You don’t want crackers?

Two: No, cack koos!

Me: You do want some crackers.

Two: No cack koos!!

Me: Oh, I see, there are no crackers in the cup. Do you want some more crackers?

Two: No cack koos.

Me: That’s right, there are no cack koos, I mean, crackers, in the cup. (pause) Do you want some crackers?

Two: No cack koos.

Me: You don’t want crackers?

Two: No, cack koos.

Me: Do you, or don’t you want crackers?!

Two: No cack koos.

Me: Okay, you don’t want crackers.

Two: No, cack koos!!

Me: You do want crackers!

Two: NO! No cack koos!

Me: Ohhh! You want new crackers. We don’t have any new crackers. We have the old kind of crackers. Do you want some old crackers?

Two: No no cack koos?

Me: That’s right, there are no new crackers. Do-you-want-to-eat-some-crackers-yes-or-no?

Two: (definitively handing me the empty cracker cup) No, please. Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Two and the Double Negative

  1. That conversation is so priceless. You have to get her on video and show her what she used to sound like when she gets older. She will die of laughter! If I took my son so litteraly sometimes, he’d be sleeping in the grass.

    • If my husband hadn’t been laughing in the next room, I probably would have thrown the crackers at her. The latest word she’s learned is “Huh?” So she’ll say something incomprehensible, I’ll make a stab at what she’s saying, and she’ll say, “Huh?” because my guess is wrong and now she doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Pretty soon we’re just saying “Huh?” back and forth at each other. This usually happens when I’m trying to drive. I can’t take any video of Two, because as soon as I get the iPhone out she insists on seeing herself in it right away, and is so busy grabbing for it that all I get are strange myopic frames where her nose is huge and her fingers cover half the shot. Thanks for checking out my blog!

      • Hahaha! I thought I was the only one! My son will not let me take pictures or video with my iPhone either! Now he knows what it is, so he puts on this ridiculous fake smile and holds it for three seconds then {like your daughter} runs over to see the {untaken} picture. So incredibly frustrating!
        Oh of course! Thank YOU for blogging. I loved reading this post! So funny! 🙂

  2. omg that’s too funny! i can imagine how it all sounded — and it’s very endearing (but yes i can see perhaps a bit frustrating). give a big hug to both of em….

  3. It has been so long since my kids were two, I have forgotten what happened. Sounds like fun at home.
    LOL- Aunt Carol

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