30 + Summer Activities for the Kids


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Summer’s over, but some great ideas are eternal. Besides, here in the CA Bay Area, we have a solid month of summer weather left. I had to reblog this post, just to have it handy for easy reference. You’ll find my own ideas for keeping little ones engaged with their world in my post, Spring Break Blues.

Originally posted on What the Mom:

I grew up on the West coast where going to camp is not prevalent like it is on the East Coast. Summer as a kid meant hanging out outside exploring and swimming. Now that it’s not the 70’s I have to be a little more creative on how we spend our time. We like to use the summer for time to get away from the hectic schedule of school and activities. However, it’s not a free for all.

Parent’s required activities (If the kids say they are bored they are required to do something from this list in addition to the daily requirements):

1. Older kids have to complete a large summer project. Our 11 year old is going to write a book this summer, our 8 year old is learning to play guitar, and our 5 year old is working on reading.
2. They all have 2 Kumon workbooks…

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